Regional development corporations

There are numerous regional development corporations (RDCs) [Dutch: regionale ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (ROM)] operating around the Netherlands. RDCs aim to strengthen their local and regional economies, and to invest in the private sector.

Stronger regional economies

RDCs aim to make their region an appealing location to set up in business. Some are even looking to position themselves in the Top 20 of the most innovative regions in Europe by 2020, which is why they're pumping extra resources into strengthening their local and regional economies. Higher employment levels and greater innovative capacity are often very favourable for a region.

How RDCs work

The Regional Development Corporations receive an annual budget. They're primarily putting this money into funding innovative, fast-growing regional businesses and into rezoning run-down industrial estates and business parks.

They provide venture capital to business owners, sometimes in exchange for equity ownership. They also assist business owners and incentivise them to locate in their region.

RDCs by province

Each province has its own budget at its disposal. Applications also vary from RDC to RDC. For additional information about the options available in your province and application procedures, please visit the websites listed below:


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