Building regulations

Your business premises in the Netherlands must comply with the building regulations. You will find these regulations in the Buildings Decree 2012 (Bouwbesluit 2012) as well as in your local building by-law. You must also comply with building regulations and layout requirements that are relevant to your specific business activities. Moreover, if you plan to build, rebuild or renovate, in most cases you will need an All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects (omgevingsvergunning).

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Home business

If you plan to start a home business in the Netherlands, you must check whether your plan fits in with the local zoning plan. If so, you usually need to report your plan to the municipal authority. In some cases, you will need a conversion permit (onttrekkingsvergunning) to allow you to use the home as commercial space. In issuing the conversion permit the municipal authority grants you permission to remove the home from the local housing stock.

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Leasing business accommodation

There are 2 categories of business accomodation: small-firm business accommodations and other business accommodations. If you want to lease a business accommodation in the Netherlands, you must realise each category has its own rules.

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Tax settlement with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

If you have a business in the Netherlands and you wish to cease trading or transfer your business (or a part of your business), you must settle with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). This applies as well in case of business succession within the family, divorce or death of your partner. It is sensible to seek the advice of an expert or to contact the Tax and Customs Administration.

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Water extraction area and groundwater protection area

In the Netherlands, the provincial authorities establish land use regulations in water extraction areas, groundwater protection areas and drilling exclusion zones. These environmental regulations are laid down in Provincial Environmental By-laws (Provinciale Milieuverordeningen, PMVs).

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Zoning plan

In the Netherlands, if you plan to establish your business at a particular location, this choice of location must be in line with the municipal zoning plan (bestemmingsplan). A zoning plan includes detailed rules on how a certain plot of land or area can be used. It states, for example, where homes, shops, hotels and catering establishments and other companies may be established, as well as maximum permissible heights and widths of buildings.

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