The Ministry of Economic Affairs is committed to creating an optimal business climate in the Netherlands, providing the right conditions, and giving business owners room to innovate and grow.

It pays particular attention to environmental matters and it also encourages cooperation between research institutes and businesses. These are just a few ways in which the Ministry aims to bolster the Netherlands' leading position in agriculture, industry, services and energy, and to invest in keeping it an economically stable and sustainable country.

More and more start-ups are flourishing in the Netherlands. The Dutch government has introduced several programmes to make the Netherlands an even more attractive proposition for innovative, foreign start-ups, and to encourage Dutch businesses to go international. Amongst others:

  • Early-stage financing (€75 million budget)
  • Appointment of Neelie Kroes as special envoy responsible for promoting the Netherlands as a prime location for international start-ups (StartUpDelta)
  • New regulations allowing ambitious entrepreneurs to apply for a Dutch residence permit


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