• If your company's annual energy consumption exceeds 50,000 kWh (electricity) or 25,000 m3 (gas), you must take energy-saving measures if you can recover the costs in less than 5 years. In December 2015 for each sector separate measures were accepted.
  • If your company consumes more than 200,000 kWh or 75,000 m3, the municipal authorities may require that you carry out an energy saving study.

You must consider requirements from the Buildings Decree when building new business premises or renovating them. For example, with the energy performance coefficient (EPC) you indicate how energy-efficient your premises are.

Mandatory energy audit large firms

All companies in the Netherlands with more than 250 employees or with a gross annual turnover of more than € 50 million and a balance sheet greater than €43 million, need to make mandatory energy audits at least every 4 year.

Smart energy meter

If you have had a smart energy meter installed, you will not have to submit meter readings yourself anymore. The smart meter in-home display (IHD) helps you to keep track of how much energy you are using and how much it is costing. In the event of replacement, new construction or large-scale renovation, your regional grid operator must install a smart energy meter at your location. You can also request a smart meter on your own initiative.

Databank Saving Energy and Profit

The databank Saving Energy and Profit (Dutch) of InfoMil Knowledge Centre offers you information about many applied energy-saving measures per sector.