Foreign driving licence

You can use your foreign driving licence in the Netherlands. Once you are a Dutch resident, however, you must obtain a Dutch driving licence within a certain period of time (transition period). This depends on the country where you originally obtained your driving licence.

Passing your driving test

To obtain your driving licence you will need to pass a driving theory test and driving practical test at the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR). You must meet the medical standards of fitness to drive. The maximum fee for a new driving licence is €38,83.

Staying qualified

You can be banned from driving. A system of penalty points applies to young (professional) drivers: 2 or more penalty points means they must have their driving abilities assessed once more. Professional lorry or bus drivers must do 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years.

Health conditions and driving

If you, because of a health condition, have to show you are medically fit to drive a vehicle, a medical examination is not always necessary. CBR may request your doctor for information regarding your health condition.

Tractor driving licence

You need a T-driving licence (Tractor driving licence) for driving with low-speed agricultural tractors and forestry vehicles on a public road. If you currently have a tractor driving certificate for youths or a regular driving licence category B, you do not need a separate T-driving licence. It will be added automatically to your driving licence upon renewal. For driving with low-speed vehicles such as small street sweepers and mowing machines, you will not need a T-driving licence.

Forklift truck

Anyone driving a forklift truck that is more than 1.3 meter wide or is pulling a trailer, needs a T-driving licence. With regard to all other forklift trucks employers must be able to demonstrate that the driver has sufficient abilities to operate it. They can do this with a CBR safety certificate or certificate of professional competence for forklift or reach truck drivers.