In a number of situations, additional regulations apply to self-employed professionals, including rules governing the use of crop protection products or biocides or governing work in the construction sector. If you want to know which measures you can take to avoid dangerous situations, please contact your sector organisation. They can inform you about the exact working conditions regulations in your sector.

Working at the same location as regular employees

Independent self-employed professionals and employees, who work for a company at the same location, are subject to the same health and safety rules. Do you work as a self-employed professional on your own? Then you are only subject to rules concerning severe risks and hazards for third parties.

Working hours and rest times

If a self-employed professional is working under the authority of a supervisor, they will be considered an employee with regard to the Working Hours Act (Arbeidstijdenwet). This means you must comply with the rules and regulations concerning working hours and rest times. Specific rules apply when you are working in the transport sector or are working on or from a mining installation. In all other situations the number of weekly working hours is not restricted.

Self-employed according to SZW Inspectorate

These rules only apply if the SZW Inspectorate considers you to be a self-employed professional. If a contract of employment or a relationship of authority exists, the SZW Inspectorate might consider you to be an employee or an employer. If this is the case, other rules will apply. The actual situation in the workplace will be decisive.

Hiring self-employed professionals

If you are an employer and you hire self-employed professionals, you must give these workers the same protection against industrial hazards on the work floor as you do for your permanent employees. You must inform the self-employed professionals of the regulations and risks that concern your company.


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