Exceptions and additions

Certain employees, professions and working conditions correspond to exceptions and supplements to the general rules for work and break times. There are modified periods of rest, work and break times for children, youngsters, pregnant women or women who have recently given birth. This also applies to employees who work night shifts. There are also supplementary sector-specific rules, within the care, mining and transport industries (and other sectors). The rules for the taxi sector have been made more flexible.

Flexible working

If your employee wants to work fewer or more hours than is stipulated in the employment contract, you must always allow this. However, you can refuse if you can demonstrate that your company would suffer serious consequences as a result. Your employee is allowed to submit a request like this only once a year, unless unforeseen circumstances exist to justify a second request. The contract change may be temporary as well.

Modifying working times after parental leave

If your employee has used up all of their parental leave, they may request a temporary modification of working times for the period thereafter. Your employee must submit this request 3 months before the end of the parental leave period. You must decide 4 weeks before it ends.