Substances Manager

Arboportaal offers you practical information on safety when working with hazardous substances. The information is provided through a digital tool called the Substances Manager (Stoffenmanager). This (Dutch-language) tool describes what measures you can take in your company. Various sector-specific substance managers are available.

Hazardous substances in the civil engineering sector

Using the (Dutch-language) Gezond uit de grond toolbox, you can instruct your employees about the possible dangers involved with working in contaminated soil. Instruction cards are available in the Maroccan, Polish and Turkish language. Diesel engine emissions (exhaust gases from diesel engines) consist of gases and soot. Soot may cause cancer. To protect your employees against these emissions, you must take measures in a specific sequence: replace diesel engines, reduce emissions, isolate working area, limit amount of inhalation and provide employees with protective respiratory equipment.

Hazardous substances in the care sector

Environmental advocacy organisation Milieu Platform Zorgsector (MPZ) has developed a (Dutch-language) Dangerous Substances Application for intramural care institutions.

Hazardous substances in the pharmaceuticals sector

RiFaS is a (Dutch-language) web application that allows you as a pharmacist to determine the risks in preparing medicines in the pharmacy.

Hazardous substances in shoe technology

Schoentechniek Veilig (‘Safe Shoe Technology’) is a (Dutch-language) website about working with hazardous substances in de shoe technology sector. It is an initiative of the sector organisations NSV and NVOS, as well as TNO Quality of Life (TNO Kwaliteit van Leven) and the Beco Group.