Limit on renewing fixed-term contracts

If temporary contracts are continually extended, immediately or within 6 months, permanent employment will follow after 2 years or starting with the 4th consecutive contract (chain provision). For employers who would like to know what contract options they have in a specific situation, the Dutch government has created the Contract Check (Dutch).

Written or digital statement of employment particulars

As an employer, you are required to provide your employees with employment particulars either in writing or electronically. If you intend to provide the information electronically, your employee must give his or her express consent for you to do so. You can include the data in your employment contract, but you may also provide the data separately.

The information must include at least:

  • the name and place of residence of the employer and the employee;
  • the location(s), at which the work is carried out;
  • the employee's job and the nature of the work;
  • the usual working hours;
  • the amount of the salary and the payment periods;
  • date when the employee joined the company;
  • term of the contract (if for a definite period of time);
  • (if applicable:) length of the trial period;
  • holiday entitlement;
  • period of notice;
  • (if applicable:) pension;
  • (if applicable:) non-compete or non-solicitation clause;
  • applicability of the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO).

Equal treatment and pay

You have to treat and pay your employees equally. Working conditions must be the same for all your employees. Discrimination based on religion, beliefs, political opinions, race, gender, age, disabilities or any other grounds is unlawful.