Permits in general

If you don't have EU, EEA or Swiss nationality, you'll need a residence permit. If you're coming to the Netherlands to enter paid employment, your employer will also have to apply to the Employee Insurance Agency's [Dutch: Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen, UWV] work placement branch for a work permit.

In the Netherlands, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service [Dutch: Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst, IND] is responsible for issuing residence permits. Generally, rules and regulations vary depending on whether you're an EU or non-EU national, and on how long you're planning to stay.

We know a ‘single permit’ procedure by an one stop shop; one application for a work permit [Dutch: tewerkstellingsvergunning] and residence permit [Dutch: verblijfsvergunning].

Visa or permit?

Visa or permit? The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) titles a visa for short stay (less than 90 days) and a residence permit for a longer stay (more than 90 days).

Start-up permit

A new scheme makes it possible for ambitious entrepreneurs from outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland to apply for a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands. This is referred to as a start-up visa. The residence permit issued as part of the start-up visa scheme allows entrepreneurs for a maximum of one year to get an innovative new business off the ground. However, it's mandatory to receive guidance from an experienced facilitator. This support ensures that higher numbers of start-ups mature into fully fledged businesses. This is a win-win situation for the entrepreneur and Dutch society at large, e.g. in terms of job creation and economic growth.

What happens at the end of Year 1?

The start-up visa allows you to stay and to work as an entrepreneur for a maximum of one year in the Netherlands. At the end of Year 1, you'll be able to extend your residence permit based on another scheme for self-employed individuals. As an entrepreneur, you will also have to meet this scheme's requirements.

Specific IND support

The IND website provides a lot of information and numerous forms that can be downloaded and sent to the IND. Alternatively, you can call the IND on +31 (0)88 043 0430. For the assessment, the IND consults with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency [Dutch: Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, RVO], part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The RVO will asses whether you meet the criteria and requirements for a start-up visa.